Brass Fuse Gears and Switchgears Supplier

Brass Fuse Gear and Switchgear Manufacturer in USA

Precision Turned Brass Parts focus on evolving demands of our customers; we have come up with range of Brass Fuse gear and switchgear. Switchgear accessories are available in small sizes to moderate sizes, these are used in inner components of electric power switch management and also be used as gears of power supply junctions and boxes. As a pioneer in brass turned parts manufacturer, supplier and exporter we have catered exact needs of different electrical functions related to smooth electrical operation and safety. Also with perfect finish and coating and high strength our Brass Fuse Gear parts are perfect for overload circuit protection.

These parts can be availed in innovative design, different sizes and according to the client satisfaction.

Brass Fuse Gears and Switchgears Manufacturer

We not only comply with the quality and price but also they assure full proof tendency in delivering power supply through the terminals fitted to the equipments. Our Brass Fuse Gear and Switch Gear are manufactured using hi-tech CNC machines so accurate dimensions are achieved. Our experienced team works 24hours to complete your orders in time and with minimum waiting period. We also provide customized products as per sample, drawing and requirement.

Brass Fuse Gear and Switchgear Exporter in USA

High quality cut brass rods are used in their manufacturing with stunning for their relentless operation that is smooth and assurance. As products manufactured by us are of exceptional qualities rust-resistance, hardness, durability and flexibility, which are widely used in USA as well as other countries. We are Exporter of Brass Fuse Gear and Switchgear in other countries such as -  Germany, Switzerland, U.S.A, U.K., Sweden, Poland, Netherland, Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark and all European Countries. We are able to machine simple to most complex parts with hi-tech machineries and our experienced workers that work 24hours to provide our customers the best service. We meet both the ends meet with our electrical switchgear and Brass Fuse Gear. Our precision turned brass parts are demanded in market as they are of high quality and at affordable prices.