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Brass Lamp Parts Manufacturer in Latvia

Precision Turned Brass Parts are a pioneer in manufacturing of Brass Lamp Parts by supplying Brass Lamp Parts to lighting factories all over the world. We use high quality brass rods, which makes our products of exceptional quality, rust resistance, highly durable and flexible. We also manufacture customized products for our customers as per requirement. We have been satisfying our clients for years by providing them unmatchable services and using advanced techniques.

Our Brass Lamp Parts are used by many lamp manufacturing companies as we provide unique designs in lamp parts and as specified by our clients. All this designs are made using CNC machines so precise cuts and edges are obtained. Brass Lamps parts are one of the few decorative parts available with Precision Turned Brass Parts.

brass lamp parts manufacturer

We manufacture bulk size order as well as small size orders, waiting time for these product is less than other companies. Our team manages the production line in such a manner that optimum result is obtained. With years of experience in this field we have become a well known name in Industry

Brass Lamp Parts Exporter in Latvia

Brass is best choice when it comes to customizing of parts as it is highly flexible and corrosion proof. Knowing that requirement of each client is different, we provide service accordingly. We supply Brass Lamp Parts to most of the cities in Latvia and even in other countries worldwide mainly including following countries - Germany, Switzerland, U.S.A, U.K., Sweden, Poland, Netherland, Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Denmark and all European Countries. Special packaging, shipping and service programs designed around customer requirements, have helped us establish a reputation as being the most versatile and customer friendly manufacturer.